40th Annual Fall Classic – Schedule

Piscataway SC 40th Annual Fall Classic
Hello PSC Fall Classic Participants!
The Schedule has been Released.
No further changes or requests for changes can be made! Only fixes for errors if they arise will be made at this point! We are full on nearly every field so changes at this point are difficult if not impossible. We look forward to hosting your team and best of luck in your matches! Sincerely, The PSC Fall Classic Team

Click Here for the Schedule


I wanted to highlight some items from our rules, please review below.
For a Full Copy of the Rules Click Here.

PATCH EXCHANGE – Teams are strongly encouraged to exchange club patches or pins after each match. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, this exchange should be done between coaches only

SPORTSMANSHIP – We expect the highest level of sportsmanship to be displayed by all participants. To emphasize this goal, each team will receive 4 Fall Classic Sportsmanship Updated. At the end of each game, the coach is encouraged to give this award to one player on his/her team that showed the best sportsmanship.

SCORING – U11 and above only – Three (3) points for a win
One (1) point for a tie
Zero (0) points for a loss
Negative one (-1) point for each goal above a differential of 6, to a max of -2 points. Examples: • A team wins with a 7 goal differential will only get 2 points. Calculated as 3 points for a win, –1 point for excessive scoring. • A team wins with an 8+ goal differential will only get 1 point. Calculated as 3 points for a win, –2 points for excessive scoring.

Piscataway Soccer Club | Post Office Box 6984, Piscataway, NJ 08854

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