New Jersey Youth Soccer Sideline Project

New Jersey Youth Soccer Sideline Project

New Jersey Youth Soccer is teaming up with
 The Sideline Project to make soccer sidelines better, together and to provide the best youth soccer experience possible by allowing it to truly belong to the kids.

We ask all parents to take the Pledge.

Started by Skye Eddy Bruce of Soccer Parenting, the Sideline Project is a free movement to improve youth soccer sidelines. Due to an influx of hostile behavior on sidelines, the Sideline Project is focused on identifying both acceptable and unacceptable sideline communication methods. With NJYS’s mission of promoting a positive, inclusive and safe environment, the Sideline Project will help to accomplish this by providing a more enjoyable experience for all involved, including players, parents, coaches, volunteers, administrators and referees.

NJYS has set a goal of 1,000 PLEDGES by September 1st from the state of New Jersey to truly educate its youth soccer community. Please follow the instructions below to find out how to help us achieve our goal.

To take the pledge, you simply need to:
Click the link HERE.
Watch the important two-minute educational video.
Take the Pledge and submit your First Name and State.
Add your name to the pledge wall and help to make youth soccer better, together.
NJ Youth Soccer

Piscataway Soccer Club | Post Office Box 6984, Piscataway, NJ 08854

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