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Black Friday
We would like to introduce “The Slim Shade”. The Slim Shade is the newest and most efficient portable sports team shelter on the market today!

This amazing product comes from a local Seattle business, Soccer Goal Shelter – Soccer, Shelter, Team, Youth Sports, it literally can be put up or taken down within a minute and moved by one person.

The Slim Shade is a perfect partner for any six (6) seater team folding bench, The “Slim Shade” is the only 9ft wide x 3ft deep x 5ft high rectangular portable pop-up type folding sports team shelter on the market today.

Just go to www.soccergoalshelter.com & enter in promo code “WYS21” for a 10% discount for being a member of WA Youth Soccer.

Our friends at Sozo Sports are proud to bring back their famous Yak Attack 5v5 soccer tournament this year! Head to the link below to learn more about one of the most exciting and fun tournaments in the Pacific Northwest!
1px.png 1px.png
Protime Sports offers you a completely new type of experience, from your ability to create your own uniform, to an exceptional customer service experience, and on time delivery. Protime Sports custom product is all made in the USA and when you call your account representative you will get correct and concise answers right away, no waiting for offshore deliveries or remote warehouses to respond. You are dealing direct with the factory here in Seattle.
Use Playform to record your drills, get real-time analysis of your play, and receive feedback through a customized training plan! The app measures your movements and provides you with detailed, automated coaching advice anywhere, anytime. Compete against your friends in skills challenges for real prizes and maximize your potential!
Learn More!
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