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February 10, 2021
Return to Play
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Preparing for a Return to Play and the Outdoor Season 2021
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The Government of Ontario announced that it is ending the Provincial Lockdown for three Public Health Units beginning today and phasing-in a return to the Public Health Restrictions for the remaining Public Health Units.

As a result of this decision, Ontario Soccer has announced that Return to Play can commence for the three Public Health Units, permitted to end their Lockdown, beginning today.

Click here to find out which regions are beginning Return to Play and everything your organization needs to know to begin their own Return to Play soon.


Register for one of two Return to Play webinars. The first is tomorrow
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Ontario Soccer will host Return to Play webinars, which will assist members who are completing the Return to Play steps for the first time, as well as any members which would like to further review the steps ahead of Outdoor 2021.

The first webinar, which will take place Feb. 11 at 1 p.m., is for those completing Return to Play for the first time.

The second webinar, which will take place Feb. 18 at 1 p.m., is for those who have previously completed the Return to Play process are are seeking a refresher and update on the material.

Click here to register for the webinar of your choosing.


The next Match Official webinar on ‘Match Control’ takes place Thursday at 7 p.m.
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Ontario Soccer continues to host webinars over the next month to help registered Match Officials prepare for the 2021 season.

The next webinar focuses on Match Control, will feature noted match officials David Barrie and Brian Butler and will kick-off at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 11.

Click here for more information on all the webinars and how to register.


The C Licence course has sold-out again. Put your name on a waitlist for the next one
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The first two C-Licence courses of 2021 have sold-out in record time, as Ontario Soccer members seek to invest in their coaching development.

If you’re interested in taking the next course, when it becomes available, you can add your name to the waitlist and you will be contacted when registration opens.

Click here to add your name to the waitlist.



Canada Soccer announces first-ever eNational Championships
Canada Soccer has announced the first-ever eNational Championships which will take place Feb. 20 with Provincial and Territorial Qualifiers culminating in the eNational Championship Finals live on Feb. 27-28.

Registration is now open for players aged 16+.

Click here for more information and how to register.


League1 Ontario expands Men’s and Women’s Divisions
League1 Ontario got off to an exciting start in 2021 with two announcements that will expand the league’s reach across Ontario.

League1 Ontario has announced that it will be expanding the Men’s division with four new teams and the women’s division with three new teams for the 2021 season.

Click here to read the announcement and find out which teams will be joining the Men’s Division.

Click here to read the announcement and find out which teams will be joining the Women’s Division.


Is there an area of soccer that you think need more development? Take this survey and shape the direction of soccer in Ontario
Ontario Soccer is asking for your help in shaping the future of soccer in Ontario.

Club and Academy Board, staff, volunteers, coaches, match officials, parents and players are all encourage to take this Strategic Plan survey.

Your responses will have a direct impact on where the sport goes from 2022-2026.

Click here to take this survey and have your say.


Return to Play Membership Survey Results
In November of 2020, the Ontario Soccer membership took part in a Return to Play survey, which sought input on how Return to Play had been implemented for our sport across the province, during the ongoing public health crisis.

Thanks to the membership of Ontario Soccer, we received a significant response to our Return to Play Survey and that data has directly assisted us in reviewing the impact that the Return to Play Guide and Plan had on the community as well as how membership have managed through the pandemic.

Click here to read more about this and to find the results of the survey.


The Ontario Futsal Cup 2021 has been cancelled, will return in 2022
In light of the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Soccer has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 edition of the Ontario Futsal Cup.

As well, Canada Soccer has made the decision to cancel the 2021 Futsal Canadian Championships.

Click here for more on this announcement.


Be in the know with COVID-19 Updates
The Ontario Soccer COVID-19 Updates page has all the latest news on COVID-19 as it relates to our membership.

On the page you will find all the bulletins sent to membership, FAQs and additional resources that will help you prepare for 2021.

Click here to review the COVID-19 Updates page.


Review the Return to Play Guide
There have been a number of updates to the Return to Play Guide throughout 2020.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to review the most up-to-date Return to Play Guide and review any updates that you may have missed throughout the year.

Ensure your organization’s Return to Play plan is aligned with the Return to Play Guide so that when we’re able to safely return to the field, your organization will be ready.

Click here to review the Return to Play Guide.


COVID-19 Liability Protection Legislation receives Royal Assent
The Government of Ontario has announced that the Supporting Ontario’s Recovery Act 2020 has now received Royal Assent.

This Act, which is now law, will provide liability protection for workers, volunteers and organizations that make an honest effort to follow public health guidelines and laws relating to exposure to COVID-19.

This topic has been a top priority among amateur sport organizations in Ontario. Ontario Soccer has been actively advocating for months, in front of various key decision making bodies, to protect all levels of amateur sport who are following Return to Play Safety protocols during the global pandemic.

Click herefor more on this and the protection it now provides for Clubs, Academies and Districts.


Review this Ontario Outdoor Cup 2021 Information
With the ever-evolving changes to the COVID-19 situation, Ontario Soccer is planning for a 2021 Ontario Cup, which is similar to other years.

However, there may be a need for greater flexibility and potential modifications to the competition structures as time progresses.

Click here to read updates on the Ontario Cup 2021.


Update on Rowan’s Law Implementation Timeline
As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government of Ontario made the decision earlier this year to postpone the effective date of Part 2 implementation of Rowan’s Law from July 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021.

In light of the resurgence of COVID-19 and the public health measures in place to help slow the spread of the virus, the Government of Ontario has made the decision to defer the effective date of their Part 2 implementation of Rowan’s Law from Jan. 1, 2021 to July 1, 2021.

Click here to read the full update on Rowan’s Law.


Want to be a Game Leader? How about getting your start as a goalkeeper coach?
Not sure what to do with yourself during the COVID-19 shutdown? Why not continue your coaching education during the break so that you can come back sharp?

Game Leaders play an important role in enabling children to have fun competing in a small side game environment. Click here for more information and how to take this online course.

Or if you’re interested in goalkeeping, why not get your start as a goalkeeper coach with this course, which can also be taken online? Click here for more information and how to take this online course.

Also, Ontario Soccer has compiled a list of online coaching courses which can be taken at your pace and from home.

Click here for the list of all the Online Coaching Courses.


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