Reminder: Take Our Return to Play Survey

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Reminder: Take Our Survey!

Hello Washington Youth Soccer friends;

Last week, we sent out a survey based on the announcement from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee about the ways youth sports operate based on COVID-19 activity, and as a result we’re going to be able to safely involve more and more soccer players across the state.

If you didn’t get a chance to respond to the survey last week, we would love the chance to hear your thoughts about all aspects of returning to soccer in Washington. The survey will be open until Tuesday 6/20, so you have plenty of time to complete it until then.

As we safely move forward, we’d really like your ideas and thoughts about how we can make returning to play work best for you. If you follow this link, you can provide us with your current status, priorities, and requirements to help us continue to shape our responses to COVID activity across Washington.

Note that when “post-COVID” is referred to in the survey, we don’t mean that the situation is over–far from it. This is meant to refer to the new world in which we’re navigating, which looks different for everyone for many reasons. COVID-19 is still very real, and our number one concern is the safety for our players, coaches, referees, and families. Help us create the safest environment possible by responding to this survey and letting us know what your world looks like and how soccer can fit into your family’s lives.

The survey is fully confidential and results are only viewed in aggregate. The survey will be open for one week only, so answer as soon as you can. It should take no more than 10 minutes and could go a long way towards making soccer better for every kid in our state.

Thanks for your help and support,

Washington Youth Soccer


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