Coaches Corner – May 2020 Edition!

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Activities for Social Distance Training
Social Distance Soccer: Small Group & Team Activities Derek Willis Director, Player Development Kentucky Youth Soccer

Article of the Month: Building Strong Women Starts with You, Coach
Erica Suter, a presenter at the 2020 Soccer Learning University, provided another great article on her website to share. This time she focuses on Building Strong Women. "No one cares how many wins you have, state cup championship trophies you’ve stacked, Twitter followers you’ve acquired, D1 players you sent to college, national coaching licenses you’ve gotten, and acronyms you laid out like the alphabet behind your name. What young female athletes need is coaching ." – Erica Suter Click here to continue reading.

Beyond the Game: Coach Highlight – Daniel Tarnagda
Kentucky Youth Soccer is grateful to have the opportunity to feature Daniel Tarnagda and learn a little bit more about his positive impact on the soccer community and the lives of individuals in Bowling Green, KY. We are so excited to share about what an incredible ambassador of the game he is and his path to becoming involved with soccer in the way he is today. Daniel’s impact on his community and the game is incredible and we are honored to share his story. Click here to read this month’s Coach Highlight!

KY Coaches Virtual Roundtable – April 20, 2020
Derek Willis, Director of Player Developmetn at Kentucky Youth Soccer hosted a virtual roundtable on April 20th focused on best practices during this time of social distancing. The coaches who joined in on the session shared some great information with each other resulting in a quality conversation. If you missed the discussion, check out the recording by clicking here

Featured Podcast: #SoccerChat Hosted by Nicholas Rizzo and Shaun Soderling #SoccerChat with coaches Nicholas Rizzo and Shaun Soderling give you a behind the scenes view as they tackle all the topics going on in the soccer coaching world and speak to coaches from all levels about their coaching journey. Join each week as they cover a variety of topics and featured guest interviews! Join the discussion on twitter every Wednesday night at 9:30PM EST using #SoccerChat.

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