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JAN. 30, 2020

National League News

+ Game schedules available for the National League weekends in Las Vegas

+ VIDEO: NWSL Draftee Amanda McGlynn recalls NL experience, winning 2 National titles

+ VIDEO: NL alum Bridgette Andrzejewski talks youth career after being picked in NWSL Draft

+ Video services available for the National League Las Vegas events

+ Track qualifiers for the 2020-21 National League season

Conference News

Piedmont Conference
Recapping the fall season and looking ahead to division races in the spring

Desert Conference
Final event of the season kicks off Feb. 28 in Las Vegas

Great Lakes Conference and Midwest Conference
Midwest Region Referee Academy working to enhance referee development

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Upcoming Events

Piedmont Conference – Feb. 1-2 | Raleigh, N.C. | 13U-14U Boys and 14U Girls (20 teams)
Piedmont Conference – Feb. 15-16 | Atlanta, Ga. | 13U-14U Boys and Girls (38 teams)

Above listings are event-based — individual games are not included. Events within the two weeks are shown.

For information on the National League and Conferences, visit the Leagues Program homepage:

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