2020 Soccer Learning University – Deadline: Jan 29th

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http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=9&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511 2020 Soccer Learning University
Are you registered for the 2020 Soccer Learning University? If not, make sure to check out the KY Youth Soccer social media channels over the next few days! We will be doing promotional giveaways from Monday, January 27th – Wednesday, January 29th. Each day, we will announce a timeframe for you to register and reveal the item you will have the chance to win by registering within that time period. We’ve got some great giveaways, so don’t miss out! Find out what we will be giving away and when to register for a chance to win on Facebook http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=10&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511 Twitter http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=11&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511 and Instagram http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=12&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511 Event Date: Saturday, February 1, 2020
Location : Lexington Center, Lexington KY http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=13&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511
Click here http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=14&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511 to see the 2020 Presenters and Event Schedule! Registration Information:
Registration Fee : $60
Registration Deadline : 1/29/20 (Onsite registration not available)

Click here http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=15&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511 to Register
For more information, please visit, kysoccer.net http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=16&d=62&mid=439107&m=4511

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