Celebrate Your Club’s Top Volunteer

We’re making 2020 the year of the volunteer at Washington Youth Soccer! We’re recognizing one top volunteer from every single club in the state. Nominate someone at your organization today!

Nomination Process

  1. Anyone involved with a WYS club (parents, coaches, administrators, etc.) can nominate a volunteer to the board of directors with the following info: name, role at club, time with club, main reason why they are submitting, one story they want to tell about the nominee.
  2. The board of directors will gather nominations and collectively decide on ONE volunteer to nominate from the past and present of their club.
  3. The president of the board will submit the club’s volunteer nominee through the form below by DECEMBER 31, 2019.

Don’t know who is on your club’s board or how to reach them? Send an email to spenserdavis@washingtonyouthsoccer.org to get a list and contact info for everyone to whom you can submit your nominees.

Learn More!
1px.png 1px.png

It only takes a few minutes to honor someone who regularly gives their time and effort to make the youth soccer experience in Washington unforgettable!

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