Start Connecting with College Coaches

Did you know that US Youth Soccer is an official partner of Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), the largest collegiate athletic recruiting network in the world? NCSA gets a lot of questions about managing the college recruiting process, including:

How can I get recruiting attention?
How should I contact college coaches?
How do I know which coaches are scouting me?
How can I find college teams with open roster spots?
Fortunately, you can tackle these issues by setting up or updating your free NCSA profile.

Set Up Your Free Profile »
With an NCSA profile, you can reach out to college coaches, see when your profile and messages have been viewed, see which coaches are showing interest in you and find colleges with open roster spots. To start getting more recruiting exposure, make sure you set up or update your NCSA profile so it’s searchable by college coaches. It’s the smart way to gain exposure and get discovered by D1, D2, D3, NAIA and junior college coaches on NCSA’s network.

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