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The life of a Journeyman – Beneath the household names in elite rugby lies a huge number of fine professionals making a living off the world game. RW salutes those who are hustling from job to job.
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Life after rugby – A Rugby World special report
This summer many pro players put away their boots for the last time, but retirement can be challenging. We report on the trials of transition…
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What the players think about rugby’s biggest issues
Find out what Test stars think about workload, concussion, money, agents and international rugby
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The opportunities and the obstacles for Pacific Islands rugby
Following Rugby World’s recent trip to the Pacific Islands, we celebrate the importance of the game in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga – and highlight the running battles taking place off the pitch
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Hitting the Bottle: An Investigation into Alcohol Issues in Rugby
An in-depth look at how serious issues with alcohol can become a nightmarish secret in the lives of some elite rugby players.
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The Great Migration: a RW investigation into player movement
As the global rugby landscape seemingly shrinks, Rugby World investigates the good and bad experiences of athletes who have emigrated to play – from exploitation to prosperity.
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Get a free Rugby World Cup guide with Rugby World’s latest issue
With the Rugby World Cup kicking off in two months, the latest issue of Rugby World magazine comes with a free 52-page handbook to Japan 2019.
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