2019 Soccer Learning University – Deadline EXTENDED

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2019 Soccer Learning University
Registration Deadline: TODAY – January 16, 2019
Click here http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=7&d=62&mid=439107&m=4087 to Register! Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019 Registration Fee: $60 Location : Lexington Center, Lexington KY http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=8&d=62&mid=439107&m=4087 Click here http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=9&d=62&mid=439107&m=4087 for the event schedule
Join us for the 3rd Annual Soccer Learning University in Lexington! The Soccer Learning University is geared toward coaches, club administrators, club board members, parents and any other soccer enthusiasts out there with a drive to learn more about the game! Click on the image below to see the presenter bios!
http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=10&d=62&mid=439107&m=4087 Click on image below to make the schedule larger: http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=11&d=62&mid=439107&m=4087 Schedule (004).pdf
For more information, please visit, kysoccer.net http://www.idevmail.net/link.aspx?l=12&d=62&mid=439107&m=4087

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