Teams wrap up play at 2018 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregional

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Teams wrap up play at 2018 US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregional

Schedules, Scores & Standings
Age groups: 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005

Bradenton, Fla. (Dec. 22, 2018) — The annual US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Boys Interregional came to a close Saturday in Bradenton, Fla., as teams completed the final day of play. The event, which took place Dec. 20-22 at IMG Academy, featured the teams in the 2001 through 2005 age groups comprised of the top male players in the country.

“I like playing at the highest level of soccer and I also want to be developed as a player and ODP allows me to do that,” said South Region 01 player Jaden Jones-Riley. “When I play ODP, it brings some of the best players together from the South Region and we get to experience a level of competitiveness that you don’t see anywhere else. Playing in that type of environment, and then the top level of coaching we get, just takes our development even further.”

After two games each, all of the 2001 teams finished with one win and one loss with the Midwest team finishing with an age group high four goals while the East team allowed just one. The South and West 2002 teams both finished with two wins with the South team keeping a clean sheet through both games. The South 2003 topped its age group, going undefeated through both games by earning two 1-0 wins. The South 2004 side also topped its group with two wins while scoring an event high seven goals. Finally, the 2005 West Boys finished on the top of its group, going undefeated and allowing just two goals.

The nearly 400 participating players were selected from US Youth Soccer State Association and Regional level evaluations. Throughout the week, players attended training sessions and competed in matches against other Regions, in front of U.S. Soccer national staff and collegiate coaches to maximize their exposure for selection to the next level of play.

“The Olympic Development Program allows players to get exposed to a high level of coaching and these coaches then challenge the players and expose them to what is required at the next level of play,” said Midwest Region’s 2002 Boys Head Coach Gareth Smith. “They’re not only being tested by the players that they’re playing with and against, they’re also being coached by coaches who are operating at a different level. It gives these players a snapshot of what it might look like and the demands at the next level and they can’t get that in some environments so ODP provides them with that vehicle.”

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