PlayOn! December 2018

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.sidebar-ads img { margin: 5px 0px;} December 2018 – Volume 91 FEATURE VIDEOS New Foundation Mini Pitch WA Youth Soccer ‘I Am – Committed’ Respect Campaign

Volunteers needed!
Washington Youth Soccer is looking for volunteers to join us for our February 1-3 and 8-10 state tournaments. Every hand helps! SIGN UP!

New coaching education courses
New Coaching Education courses for Grassroots and the National D are now available with more coming soon… READ MORE

9 days of giveaways
Washington Youth Soccer will be hosting giveaways on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout the month of December… READ MORE

WA Youth Soccer Foundation
The Washington Youth Soccer Foundation is currently fundraising to help fund their Soccer for Success program which is currently serving 12 schools… READ MORE

Hall of fame Class announced
Washington Youth Soccer has announced the Hall of Fame Class of 2019. The 30 inductees will represent the decade from 2008 to 2019 and will be honored on February 24 at the ShoWare Center in Kent… READ MORE

annual player fee meeting
The 2019 Annual Player Fee Meeing (APFM) will take place on January 26th at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center… READ MORE

Tacoma stars Holiday camps
Celebrate the holiday break with the Tacoma Stars at our annual Holiday Camps! This year we have 5 days of camps! Register your children for one day, three days, or all five and save some money. Sign the kids up now… SIGN UP!

resect campaign
WA Youth Soccer Respect Campaign aims to change the climate of youth soccer and elevate our conduct as players, coaches, spectators, and referees to a higher level… READ MORE IN THIS ISSUE:
2018 Recreational Cup Recap Volunteers Needed
New Coaching Education Courses Announced
Nine Days of Giveaways
Washington Youth Soccer Foundation Fundraiser
2019 Hall of Fame Class Announced
Annual Player Fee Meeting
Tacoma Stars Holiday Camps
Respect Campaign

WA Sanctioned Tournaments
Washington Youth Soccer – 7100 Fort Dent Way – Suite 215 – Tukwila, WA 98188 1-877-424-4318 (Toll Free) – (253) 4-SOCCER (476-2237)
Contact: Briana Aguila, BrianaA or 253-944-1616 For advertising information, contact Terry Fisher at .

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