PlayOn! July 2018

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.sidebar-ads img { margin: 5px 0px;} July 2018 – Volume 86 FEATURE VIDEOS National Championships Hype Video B02 WPFC National Championships Day 1 National Presidents Cup Finals Day

tryout for elite player development
Register now for the WA Youth Soccer Elite Player Development (EPD) tryouts for the 2018-19 season. Tryouts will be held during the month of August… READ MORE

referees at national championships
96 referees have been chosen to officiate at the 2018 US Youth Soccer National Championships, five of them are representing WA Youth Soccer and the West Region … READ MORE

Sounders ticket discount
WA Youth Soccer members, take advantage of discounted tickets to cheer on Sounders FC vs Eastern Conference powerhouse New York City FC on July 29 at Century Link Field… GET TICKETS

live stream games from nationals
US Youth Soccer National Championships is live streaming 84 games this week from Frisco, TX, including the Washington Premier FC B00 game on Thursday … READ MORE

sounders women win wpsl championship
Congratulations to the Sounders Women organization and their many former WA Youth Soccer players for an undefeated season and ultimately winning the WPSL National Championship… READ MORE

Reign fc special ticket offer
Support Reign FC at their next home game on Aug. 5 vs. Washington Spirit! Take advantage of a special ticket rate for WA Youth Soccer members at all home games this season… GET TICKETS!

seattle children’s safety huddle
With the help of WA Youth Soccer, a team at Seattle Children’s is testing and further developing a program to reduce concussions in youth sports…. READ MORE

sign up for soccer
Find a local soccer program as the new season approaches by utilizing our Club Directory to find programs in your area…. READ MORE

guide to increase player participation
WA Youth Soccer is dedicated to providing Association and Club leadership with resources and tools for effective player recruitment, and has developed a toolkit to assist with your player recruitment efforts… READ MORE
Washington Youth Soccer – 7100 Fort Dent Way – Suite 215 – Tukwila, WA 98188 1-877-424-4318 (Toll Free) – (253) 4-SOCCER (476-2237)
Contact: Mike Anderson, or 253-944-1616 For advertising information, contact Terry Fisher at . IN THIS ISSUE:
US Youth Soccer National Championships EPD Tryouts
Referees at National Championships
Sounders FC Ticket Discount vs NYCFC
National Championships Live Stream
Sounders Women win WPSL
Reign FC Ticket Offer
Seattle Children’s Safety Huddle Sign Up for Soccer
Guide to Increase Player Participation

WA Sanctioned Tournaments

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