US Youth Soccer Common Goals Newsletter | June 2018

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JUNE 2018

2018-19 US Youth Soccer National Leagues Information Visit the home page of the US Youth Soccer National Leagues Program, which will begin in the 2018-19 soccer season.

Presidents Cup
Follow the 2018 Presidents Cup events!

National Championship Series
Follow the 2018 National Championship Series!

Alex & Me Teenager
Reagan Wills has one dream, to play soccer like her hero, Alex Morgan. Watch Alex & Me to find out what happens!

US Youth Soccer ODP
This Olympic Development Program parent shares a unique story.

US Youth Soccer is pleased to recognize the following individuals with the June 2018 Clif Kid Raise the Bar Award!

Ava from St. Louis, Mo.
Ava is an active soccer player with the Lou Fusz Soccer Club and has played in the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program. Ava is a leader on as well as off the field. Her accomplishments off the field have shown true leadership on how to balance sports with academics.

Joshua from Meriden, Conn.
Joshua is a quiet, consistent and strong player that embodies the quintessential teammate and student athlete. He always treats teachers, fellow students, teammates, coaches and referees with respect. When he isn’t playing, Joshua is volunteering for Meriden Soccer Club. He spends his free time fundraising, lining fields or running the concession stand.

Each month, we recognize one male and one female US Youth Soccer Player of the Month with the Clif Kid Raise the Bar Award. To nominate someone you think is deserving of receiving the Clif Kid Raise the Bar Award, read the criteria and fill out this form .

5 Pre-Game Snacks for Sustaining Energy
Looking for an energizing snack for your young soccer players? Youth sports nutritionist, Jill Castle, recommends eating foods with nutrients such as carbs and protein, an hour before competition. Click here to check out a few of her suggestions.

Keeping Injuries in Perspective
In this video clip Leslie Osborne, former U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team player, shares how she kept her injuries as an athlete in perspective. The injuries Osborne sustained were devastating to her goals of playing in the Olympics, but she didn’t let that affect her positivity and support of the team. As she says here, there are worse things happening to other people, and it’s important for athletes dealing with injuries to remember that and to keep it in perspective. Injuries might be setbacks, but they can be seen as challenges that teach you how to excel in life.
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